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The Doctor Will Make It All Better

Had a horrible day filled with my car breaking down and work stresses. However, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and new Doctor Who always makes a bad day better. 

The Doctor's Chocolate Cover Strawberries

Quick Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe


8 ounces milk or dark chocolate chips

1 tablespoons shortening

1 pint fresh strawberries with leaves


Rinse and completely dry strawberries. Place them aside for dipping. Next, combine chocolate and shortening in a microwave safe coffee mug. Place in microwave for 1 minute, stir the chocolate and place back in microwave for 30 second intervals till fully melted. Do not over cook, or the chocolate may burn. 

Once melted, hold the dry strawberries by the leaves and dip into the chocolate filled coffee mug. Let excess chocolate drip off. Place strawberries on wire rack or wax paper. Allow time for the chocolate to set by leaving them on kitchen counter. If you are feeling impatient you can place them in the fridge to set faster. However, strawberries taste sweeter when room temp, so the wait is worth it.